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hpcast_hush's Journal

Harry Potter Cast Hush Community
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Welcome to hpcast_hush. We are a community dedicated to making textless icons of the trio and more specifically their actors: Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson. Each week you can expect two different contests from one of the following categories: theme, cap, or base. It will rotate and give you lots of varieties to what kind of icons can be made.


1. There is NO TEXT ALLOWED. Text brushes and completely unreadable text are okay. Ask if you have any questions.
2. Icons will all be stills (non-animated) unless otherwise noted.
3. Do not use your icon or post it anywhere until after the results for the challenge you entered in are up.
4. Make sure that your icon fits within LJ's standards
5. Join the community if you wish to participate
6. Be fair at all times. Do not tell people to vote for you and do not vote for people you know; be honest. Futhermore, don't vote for yourself...it's just tacky.
7. Post your icons in the challenge post both as an image and with its URL attached, like so:

URL: http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j33/nerfherder_love/icons/023.png
Adoptable? yes

Note on "Adoptable?": This is a habit I picked up on GreatestJournal. The full question would be: Is your icon adoptable? So, at the end of voting, anyone that would like to share their icon will have their post unscreened, then if someone really liked a particular icon, they can take it and be able to give the maker full credit. If the maker says no, then it does not get unscreened, and it *theorically* stays private work. It's meant to decrease the number of icon stealers.
8. Be sure to save it to a server that allows hotlinking such as Photobucket or Imageshack.
9. No flaming. It's not worth it.
10. We are implementing a recess pass. This means a winner of one category cannot participate in the same category the next time it is used. For example: If frank wins at a cap challenge, he cannot participate in the next cap challenge, whether that next cap challenge is that next week or three weeks from then. However, he can enter any of the others he wants. Currently not in practice

How Things Go

- Each week a new challenge will be posted on Sunday or Monday about. Icons will be due that following weekend, either on Friday or Saturday.
- Each week there will be votes for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners and will include either a mod's choice or some special category (i.e. best coloring, best cropping, etc).
- Banners will be made for the winners.
- Reminders will be given throughout the week about the challenge.
- Extensions will be made if there is not a large enough amount of entries.


Maintainer/Mod: Abby starsniper
Creator: Lilz nerfherder_love
Co-Mod: OPEN! Apply here
Banner Maker: OPEN! Apply here

Apply for one of these positions here.


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