seiya (starsniper) wrote in hpcast_hush,

Challenge 10: Textures

This week, I decided to try something fun that's been done in a few icontests I've been in. I definitely enjoyed doing this type of challenge so I hope you all do too :D


The concept is simple really. Make your icon using any picture of the trio that you want, but you HAVE to use at least one of the textures I provide for you below. Easy enough?

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

[x] You may make up to 5 icons (there are 5 different textures after all)
[x] You may use more than one texture on any of your icons (but use at least one please!)
[x] No animation
[x] No readable text is allowed on the icon at all
[x] Follow all of LJ's icon rules (100x100, jpg/png/gif only, max 40k)
[x] I think I may have forgotten to mention this before, but this communnity is dedicated to make hush icons of the main three cast of Harry Potter. Please use at least one of the three in your icon (Either Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, or Rupert Grint)

All icons are due Tuesday, March 27

Have fun everyone! :D And be proud that I actually got something in on time! Whooo :D
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