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Challenge 8: Valentine's Day

First off, congrats to everyone who participated and everyone who voted! I knew this community could come back alive now let's keep it running with this new Challenge! :D

So Valentine's Day is coming up in exactly one week and what better way to celebrate the holiday than with icons! The theme is simple enough, just show a little love on your icons having to do with the holiday like hearts, red/pink colors, whatever! Have fun with it and if you have any questions feel free to ask :D

[x] You may make up to 3 icons.
[x] No restrictions on brushes/textures/gradients/etc. Except of course, those with readable text.
[x] Make it the proper size requirements for LJ (100x100, 40k, etc)
[x] No animation.
[x] NO TEXT! Tiny text that is not readable is allowed.
[x] Be creative and have fun! :)
[x] Please submit all icons to this post in this format:


All icons will be due WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 14TH (Valentine's Day!)
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